Here are the important highlights:


  • Added feature to facilitate manual allocation of a repayment.
  • Added feature to calculate interest rate at amortisation.
  • Add feature to automatically opt-in customers for SMS and Email.
  • Added a new feature to allow you to alert the credit officer assigned to the loan, when a workflow transition is effected.
  • Added a feature to accept penalty write-off instructions when uploading bulk repayments.
  • Allow user to edit unique reference number for a client.


  • Updates to penalty rules feature to add more control over how penalties are applied.
  • Added approval date placeholder to show date only, alongside the original placeholder that shows time and date.
  • Added employer contact name placeholder.
  • Added individual placeholders such as line 1, line 2, city, etc, to client employer's address.
  • Updates to Projected Interest Report
  • Updated Collections report to show balances due instead of total balances.
  • Changed disbursement amount being logged when posting refinance (0 for reschedule, since no new money is being disbursed)
  • Updated customer unique ID check to invalidate look-alikes with special characters.
  • Updated user interface for workflow rules, roles and alert selections.


  • Fixed a bug preventing some fields from registered employer from being copied over when modifying client's employment.
  • Fixed a bug in notification cron, queueing messages.
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