***This feature requires the user to have Admin permissions/rights***

You may access the Admin panel by clicking the "Dashboard Quick Menu" icon

to reveal the "Settings" option as shown below:

To setup SMS notifications click the "SMS" option under "Communications" in the main navigational bar as shown below:

Or click the

tab from the Communications (setup) page:

This will render the table below displaying any sms notifications that currently exists (if any).


to create a new SMS notification.

Enter a name for your notification and select a status (active/inactive).

Select a trigger from the options provided:

Targets and conditions options will vary and become applicable or non applicable based on the triggers selected.

Add a message template then click

To customize SMS content click the # key to add placeholders to the notification.

The SMS notifications table will now be populated with the newly created notification.

Once created you may View, Edit, Delete or Activate/Deactivate a notification. These options are accessible by clicking

under the Status column of the table:

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