***This feature requires the user to have Admin permissions/rights***

You may access the Admin panel by clicking the "Dashboard Quick Menu" icon

to reveal the "Settings" option as shown below:

The Work Flow Management component allows for the configuration and management of the workflow steps/transitions and rules that govern the loan application process.

This is accessible by clicking

from the top navigational pane or by clicking

from the dashboard icons displayed. This will render the screen below, displaying all workflow configurations available, with the options to add a new workflow

, configure workflow stages

, copy

or edit

a workflow configuration, and manage the rules

associated with the workflow configuration.


A new workflow configuration may be added by clicking

. This will render the screen seen below:

Key in the desired name and a brief description of the workflow to be created.


to save the newly created workflow or

to abort this action. Once the workflow is saved the screen below will be displayed, for the user to create the transitions and rules that will govern the workflow:


Copying a work flow will create a replica of said workflow, however, the user may specify what aspects of the workflow is to be copied:

To specify what is to be copied click

. The options below will be provided.


to make further specifications. Select the rules then click




to add a transition to a workflow. This will render the popup below to capture transition details.

Navigate through the components of the transition details by clicking on the tabs shown:

Enter the required information and make selections where necessary, under each tab then click


The transition will now be added to that workflow with the options to


The user may access the rules in a workflow by clicking

. Click

from the screen shown below to create a new rule.

Key in a name for this new rule then click

. The new rule will be displayed as shown below with the options to


Define the rule by adding constraints. Select constraints from the options provided.

For multiple constraints select the operator for the conditions from the list provided

To make changes to existing rules use the options provided under the

tab as shown below:


To assign a workflow to available loan products click the

tab. The screen below will be rendered for the user to select the desired loan products.



to allow all selected loan products to use the workflow. The selected products will now be displayed under the “Products already using this workflow” section:


To manage workflow stages click the

tab. The existing workflow stages will be displayed as shown below.

To add a stage click

. Key in the stage name in the popup shown and click

You may drag (click and hold while dragging selection) and drop (release selection) the stages, hence arranging them in the order you wish for them to be displayed. Some stages are locked (denoted by

) , as they are required for workflows to function. You may move them to any position, but they cannot be modified. Unlocked stages (denoted by

) may be modified by clicking

which will provide the options to edit or delete.

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