This all happens in the Admin section of the App. You need to have permission to access the Settings area. 

1. Once you are in your admin section you can create output documents by selecting Documents then Output Documents.

You can select a document type from the listing provided or create your own (you can also delete the ones you don't use).

**Remember output documents are documents your business provides to borrowers.

2. Find or Create the type of Output Document.

Examples might be: Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes, Mortgages, etc.

You are only naming the document here.

3. Insert by copy/paste your document into the Editor.

4. Locate the '#' symbol in the menu bar of the Editor and click on it. 

5. The Placeholder list will appear. Search it and select the item you want to insert into a specific area of your document. Be sure to check the placement of your cursor - the placeholder item will appear there.

6. When finished, link the loan product and save the document. 

Now, when you are viewing a loan application that is being processed, you can simply go to the Documents Tab and select Output document. Find the document you wish to output and select GENERATE or Email the document directly to the customer. 

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