Use the following checklist to set up and customize your LoanCirrus system.

  • Book mark your tenant slug/login page


Edit Personal Account Preferences

  • Add first and last name

  • Add the email address you want associated with your LoanCirrus account

  • Add your picture (JPG/JPEG or PNG. Maximum 2 MB)

  • Edit password (optional)


Complete App Configuration

Basic Settings

  • Add your company information

  • Select your time zone

  • Select your date format

  • Upload your logo and adjust theme colours to match your company brand


  • Add additional currencies if you desire

  • Choose whether to automatically update exchange rates daily

Set Up Internal Controls

  • General Settings

- Choose whether to allow documents to be uploaded after a loan has been locked

- Choose whether to enable reversal of last loan payment

- Choose whether to accept incoming payments on a closed loan

- Choose whether to apply an index to interest rates

- Choose whether to set disbursement date to current date by default.

  • Identification Setup 

- Select the number of valid ID’s you require for loan approval
- Add the types of identification you will accept from your applicants
- indicate the number/range of characters your ID will accept

  • Business Days 

- Choose your days of operation 

  • Payment Channels Setup

- What channels will people pay you through? Add/edit them here.
- Add relevant taxes (if applicable)
- Customize how your client’s ID numbers will appear or leave the default setting 

  • Holiday Schedule

- Set your public or preferred holiday schedule

  • Taxes

- Key in the tax name and percentage

  • Client Number Generation

- Choose the way client numbers are generated

Employer Registry

  • Add different organizations to which clients are employed

Custom Fields

  • Add groups to organize your custom data

Add Users and Set Permissions to Their Roles

Set Up Workflow (Inject your current process into LoanCirrus)

Create Your Products

  • Select a currency for this product 

  • Enter the product information

  • Select the product interest parameters and repayments preferences

  • Select your amounts (loan amounts, interests, penalties etc). 

  • Save your product

Customize Your Documents

Customize Your Lists 

  • Add or remove list options

  • Ensure that you include all the necessary list items 

Set Up Fees 

  • Create fee name and choose the type of fee

  • Choose whether to charge as a percentage or fixed rate 

  • Attach fee to the desired product 

Set Up Penalties

  • Create penalties and link them to desired products

Add/Edit Additional Branches

  • Create, edit or remove branches

Set Your Scoring Parameters (Risks)

Set Up Your Communications

  • Select preferences for communicating with your clients

Migrate Active Loans into LoanCirrus (Choose One)

Set Your Billing Preferences

  • Enter a valid credit card or select bank transfer

  • Enter your billing address


Lend away!  :-)

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