Our mission is to support Micro-Lenders around the world. Your Client - the Borrower, is at the center of LoanCirrus. Clients may have either deposit or credit products (loans) and depending on their product selection they may require a range of support services and features.

The following features and functions will be available throughout the application for Clients and their loan applications.

  1. Client/Business Client Creation

  2. Client Visualization

  3. Client Editing

  4. Loan Application Creation

  5. Loan Application Visualization

  6. Loan Application Editing

  7. Loan Booking/Disbursals

  8. Manage Loan Payments

  9. Manage Escrow Accounts

  10. Report Generation

  11. Collections Management

  12. Collections Planning

  13. Loan Rescheduling & Top-Up

  14. SMS and Email Communications

  15. And much more...

The following features and functions are available through the Loan Cirrus Admin Dashboard.

  1. Products Management

  2. Workflow Management

  3. Fees & Penalties Management

  4. Documents Management

  5. Users/Roles Management

  6. Employers Registry Management

  7. General App Configuration

  8. Data Management 

  9. Billing (Subscription) Management

  10. Communications Management

Every 3 months we publish major feature releases and significant product enhancements. This ensures that you are always getting the latest solutions to help you succeed in your lending business. 

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