Sometimes you only have a small number of loans and you prefer to simply add them manually instead of dealing with Spreadsheets and databases. So, we created a simple way for you to get data into LoanCirrus. We call it placing LoanCirrus into "Migration Mode". Here's how it works.

  1. First, you must have Admin Access. 

  2. Select Data Management from the Admin menu bar.

  3. You will see the "Migration Mode" Tab. Click on the Tab and you will see the Migration Switch. If you don't see the switch it means either a) You do not have permission OR b) You have permission but the system has already entered Migration Mode sometime in the past.  LoanCirrus can only be placed in Migration Mode ONCE.

Ok, so once you're in migration mode you will notice a warning at the bottom of the screen reminding you that you're in Migration Mode.  Now, go ahead and create your Clients as normal. The real special features come when you start setting up the loan accounts. 

Once you have created the Client, start a new loan application. 

Entering Payments in Migration Mode

You enter payments in pretty much the same way you would in normal mode EXCEPT in the following ways:

  1. You can manually enter Penalties and Fees paid

  2. You can enter repayments with any date

Completing a Migrated Loan

To complete each migrated loan you must select the "Finish Migration" button. The button is found under "Payments Tab" on a Loan Account.

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