You can manage data from the SETTINGS area. 

In the top navigation menu select Data Management  

To successfully migrate data into LoanCirrus you must follow the directions carefully and in sequence.

  1. You get LoanCirrus ready for data migration by first setting up LoanCirrus to mimic the source system's settings. The source system is where your data to be migrated resides. 

  2. Getting LoanCirrus ready means that you must think clearly about how you are currently lending. This must include:

  • Your Loan Products and their terms, minimums and maximums, interest rates, interest calculation method, etc. 

  • Your Fees 

  • Your Penalty Rates and calculation methods

  • Your Roles and their permissions

  • Your Users and their assignment to Roles.

3. Once you have properly and completely configured LoanCirrus then you can download your data template. 

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