Creating data templates is an important step in the Data Management process. The templates are what you will use to input data that you want to import into LoanCirrus. These templates will combine new information that is currently outside of LoanCirrus AND existing information that is in LoanCirrus such as:

  1. Users

  2. Roles

  3. Products

  4. Fees

  5. Branches

  6. Asset Types

  7. Penalties

After you have successfully configured your system in SETTINGS, download your LOANCIRRUS DATA MIGRATION TEMPLATE. 

Templates will look like this...

The template will link your existing data in your source system (where the data that you want to migrate resides) and your new data that you have setup in LoanCirrus. 

You should ensure that your setup in LoanCirrus uses the same naming convention as the source system. As an example, if we are migrating ACTIVE loans and in your source system you have a user names 'Bob Johnson' you cannot have that user called 'Robert Johnson' in LoanCirrus. Bob Johnson's loans will not be matched to 'Robert Johnson'. The names need to be identical. The same applies to products, fees, penalties, etc. 

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