***This feature requires the user to have Admin permissions/rights***

You may access the Admin panel by clicking the "Dashboard Quick Menu" icon

to reveal the "Settings" option as shown below:

Additional customization is made available through the “Internal Controls” option accessed via the "App Configuration" menu as shown below.

Identification Setup, Payment Channels, Business Days and Holiday Setup options will be displayed, with the option to update same, as shown below.


Key in a type of Identification type to be added to the list for e.g. Driver’s License.

Select the ID values to accept from the list provided as shown:

Select or key in the amount (range – numerical values) of characters to accept for this ID type.

Indicate whether or not this type of ID is to be used as a means of primary identification.


to see this new ID type added to the list.


Key in the payment channel name and location then click

. The Payment Channels list will be populated accordingly.


Select the range of days the business will be in operation “From – To” then click



Select the month and the day the business will be closed for holiday, then click

. Repeat the step to add multiple holidays.

The Holidays list will be populated accordingly.

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