The user may view client information by:

1. Retrieving a client record using the main search tool depicted below (the user may search using client name or client ID #):

2. Retrieving a client record from the “Clients” table invoked by selecting "Clients" from the top navigation menu as shown below:

then selecting "All Clients".

Use the search tool in the table to locate the desired client. Select “View”

from the Action items spawned by clicking

or simply click the row displaying the desired client’s info to view additional details.

Once located and selected, the client record (Client Overview) be displayed as seen below:


The screen below displays a summary of loan accounts (if any) held by a client and access to the client’s biographical data.

The user may navigate the different client data components by clicking the tabs shown below:


This View may be sorted by clicking on the table headers to sort by same. The table also provides the options of sharing by clicking

Share by Email, export to Excel, export to CSV, or Print

the list.

The search bar provides the user with the option of searching the table by any component of the client's biographical data i.e. Name, Client ID, Phone Number, or Address. You may also navigate through the pages of the table by clicking the arrows or the desired page number to view same.

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