Manage Arrears

Loan Cirrus allows you to manage the collection efforts on loans that are in arrears. You may view the loans that are in arrears, assign delinquent loans to debt collectors/bailiffs and manage the communication efforts with delinquent clients.

To access the collections table click

shown in the top navigational pane on the main dashboard

This will render the table below displaying the accounts that are in arrears.

Use the filter shown below to display loan in arrears by age

or you may click

to specify a particular period.

Select the date range then click

This will display only those arrears that fall within the date range selected.

Select the account(s) you wish to manage denoted by

then click on the action you wish to take for the selected account(s)

To assign to a Debt collector click

this will render the popup below

Select from the list of configured debt collectors

then click

The table will now be updated with the assigned debt collector and providing the options to

remove the debt collector or

apply a payment

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