Go to Administration then to "App Configuration" >>> then "Internal Controls".  You will see "Client Number Generation".

You can allow the system to generate unique identification numbers for each client. Please note that this is different from the identification that clients will be required to provide to the lender such as a Social Security Number, Tax ID or National ID Number. 

The lender can do the customization of this preference under Internal Controls by navigating to the Client Number generation tab. The clickable options will be to:

  1. Use the default settings 

  2. Use my own settings to generate client numbers 

With the first option, LoanCirrus will automatically generate unique sequential numbers for each client created.

With the second option, the user can create their own unique numbering system with a variety of parameters. You will have options to choose where the client numbers will start counting from, the increments by which each subsequent client number will increase, as well as the ability to add suffixes and prefixes to each client number. While you make adjustments to how the client number is configured under this option, samples of how the client numbers will look will be displayed to the right of your screen within the dialog box.

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